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Reforming Healthcare Delivery With Virtual Clinics

Almost every person who has set foot in a hospital, particularly Ruby Hall Clinic in recent years will have definitely noticed changes in everything from ICU equipment to administrative services and even billing practices – all primarily based on the advances of technology. Through the years, Ruby Hall Clinic has always been the frontrunner in adopting cutting-edge technological advancements to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes. Now, with telemedicine, technology is actually making care possible outside of traditional hospital settings. And with the recently launched Virtual Clinics at Ruby Hall Clinic’s Wanowarie and Hinjawadi branches, the path towards a healthier tomorrow for one and all has been paved.

So What Exactly Are These Virtual Clinics?

Offering a matchless way of synergising the advances of modern communication technology with medical sciences to deliver healthcare services on an anytime, anywhere basis, Virtual Clinics provide patients and tertiary healthcare providers access to specialist opinion by means of a system comprising of a computer and webcam. Touted to be the next generation of care, they allow patients to be seen quickly without delay, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare and clinical outcomes.

Right from providing second opinions to working professionals without them having to take the day off work, enabling consultations at corporate houses during an emergency, to providing life-saving insight and specialist opinions to smaller healthcare set-ups, Ruby Hall Clinic’s specialists will now use this medium to step beyond traditional settings. What’s more, a private user-id and password ensures confidentiality too.

The benefits of course are many. From sheer convenience to lower costs, the Virtual Clinics offer a medium for doctors and patients alike to share medical records, re-visit patient history, and offer support along the care continuum. And this is only set to grow. With an estimated growth of over thirty percent each year, telemedicine is truly the next big revolution in healthcare.

A first-of-its-kind initiative in the city, Ruby Hall Clinic’s partnership with Tata Telecommunications’ Gloheal is all set to connect providers and patients in novel ways on the path of fulfilling its mission of providing innovative, state-of-the-art, cost-effective care. With an aspiration of a hundred Virtual Clinics in the corporate set-up, across peripheral healthcare centres and even across borders, the time is ripe to step beyond the conventional brick-and-mortar hospitals.

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